Head Advant Edge 65W Women&
Head Advant Edge 65W Women&

Head Advant Edge 65W Women's ski boots

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Head Advant Edge 65W ski boots

♦ Flex Index 75
♦ Last width 102

Advant Edge 65w is simply a fantastic skiing boot for the first time boot buyer.  Finally, a boot company has focused on a design to help average, every day recreational skiers actually ski better.

The boot gurus at Head have engineered a new two piece shell concept called Power Efficient Design.  It includes 3 unique features never before built into a ski, with all three working together to help you ski better, and with less fatigue.  (1) Hi-Top Tech offers direct contact between the lower leg, and the lower shell of the boot.  Because the lower shell comes all the way up to the top of the boots structure, the skier's leg can move as little as 5 degrees in forward lean, and control the ski with less movement.  Less necessary movement equals less fatigue.  (2) Duo Flex engineers the proper amount of stiffness in different places in front of the skier's leg.  This gives the boot a forgiving, and yet powerful feel on the snow.  And, (3) Control Frame utilizes two different materials molded into the lower shell, allowing the skier's energy to be focused down the REAR structure of the boot (rather than down the front), which also means less forward pressure is needed to control the skis.

This Advant Edge 65W offers game improving technology, at a great value price.  Here is a full list of the features found on the Advant Edge 65w:

  • Two piece Power Efficient Design shell - Skiing is easier, because the shell is designed to transmit energy to the ski down the rear of the boot shell. And, because the lower shell comes clear up to the top of the boot's structure, it is much easier for the leg to pressure the ski in forward lean. This means you do not have to flex forward nearly as much, and with nearly as much pressure, as in other ski boots. And, this design also focuses the skier's energy down the rear portion of the boot. Simply tip the ski on edge, with less movement forward, and the boot helps the ski turn incredibly easy.
  • DuoFlex Co-molded lower shell focuses the skier's pressure against the front of the boot directly down the heel, rather than a longer path of travel down to the toe. The ski reacts easier, and performs better, with less energy applied by the skier.
  • Proven Edge shell shape is designed with more more room inside, and more length in the toe box. For the skier who needs a larger, roomier boot, or just wants that type of fit, Advant Edge is the perfect choice. Fits All Day comfortable, but with really good performance as well.

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