2021 Dalbello Krypton 110 ski boots

2021 Dalbello Krypton 110 ski boots

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Dalbello Krypton 110

♦ Last width = 98mm
♦ Flex Index = 110 (adjustable stiffer with included parts)

The Krypton series from Dalbello continues to send shock waves through the ski boot world.  There is no other boot that offers the exceptional performance, and the ultra adjustability found in Krypton.  The heart of Krypton design is Dalbello's Cabriolet 3 piece shell design.  Although 3 piece boots have many fit and performance advantages, there are three main features that stand out. (1) The forward flex and lateral stiffness are separated, (2) the location of the innovative Dynalink buckle holds the foot down and back in the shell better than any other buckle system on the market, and (3) No other boot design is able to offer adjustable forward flex, forward lean, cant adjustment and shock absorption as found on the Krypton.

This second generation in the Krypton series includes Dalbello's impressive Contour 4 Fit shell shaping. Dalbello embarked on a study to understand how racers and other top ski athletes have modified low volume ski boots to fit their feet. Contour 4 is the result of that study process, resulting in a ski boot shape that is much more anatomical than previous designs. Most ski boots get their final anatomical shape in the liner inside. More room in the shell allows for more foam, which conforms to the foot so there are no pressure points. But, boot designs that have less volume taken up by foam perform much better on the snow. By making slightly more room in some critical areas of its low volume shell, Krypton2 "out of box" fit rivals boots which are much larger inside, but without filling the shell with foam. The shell now has a shape that mirrors the contours of a foot. Contour 4 shell designs are "pre-punched", or stretched, in 4 critical areas; (1) the sixth toe (just to the outside of the little toe), (2)the Navicular area (just below and forward of the inside ankle bone), (3) behind the base of the heel, and (4) at the ankle bone itself. The end result is nothing short of amazing. Krypton2 now offers outstanding comfort from the very first try on. Skiers who never before would have chosen to ski in Krypton (or other low volume boot shapes), now find this close fitting boot to be quite comfortable, and can experience the benefits of Krypton performance without extensive boot modifications. (See fit section below for details on fit.)

Center Balanced Stance geometry in this boot is very cool also, and has been integrated into these latest Krypton boots.  As skis have evolved recently, ski boots mostly have not.  New rocker profiles, big sidecuts, and wider overall shapes created the need for a boot that compliments this amazing evolution in skis.  Older boot designs do not offer optimum performance to work with these skis that are completely different from those of yester year.  Krypton 2's Center Balanced Stance utilizes a slightly relaxed, more natural forward lean angle along with a lower heel height inside the boot (lower "ramp angle").  This Center Balanced position allows the skier to react much more quickly to changes in terrain, and get from edge to edge with much less wasted effort.  And, it just makes skiing more intuitive and standing on the skis much more comfortable. 

The Krypton2 110 is the softest flexing model in this family of boots, but still offers a level of personalization not possible with other boots.  Swap between two shell tongues (but only the softer tongues included) for a totally different feel front to back.  Choose 1 of 5 settings for forward flex, and of 3 settings for forward lean.  There is easy adjustment of cant angle (side to side) and with more range than other boots.  Leave the soft boot board in the shell for maximum shock absorption, and the smoothest feel on the snow (included), or change out to the hard foam boot board for the ultimate in precision (available separately).  NO OTHER BOOT CAN DO ALL THIS RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX.

Check out these additional details of the Krypton 110:

  • Three piece Cabriolet design.  Flexing of the boot is controlled by the resistance of the Kinetic Response tongue on the outside of the shell.  This is the third piece of the Cabriolet design.  As the boot flexes, the shell does not distort, and heel hold down does not change with the position of the upper cuff.  Flex is very progressive as the ribs of the tongue load up with energy, and ski rebound is increased because the spring-like tongue stores energy.  The progressive flex is very smooth, allowing the skiers legs to absorb energy transmitted from the snow, and the skier feels lighter on the feet, able to make more, quicker turns with the Cabriolet design.
  • Power Cuff with low hinge point The upper cuff is connected much lower to the shell, allowing more natural fore and aft movements of the leg.  Both hinge points are adjustable up and down to allow maximum adjustment of side to side (Cant) angle.  This means that almost any skier can be sure their skis are totally flat on the snow (even if very bow legged or knock kneed).
  • Dynalink center buckle is positioned perfectly to pull the outside tongue down over the instep area of the boot.  No other design is able to lock the foot down and back in the boot with so little buckle tension; this is bio-mechanical design at its best.  Fit around the upper leg and the foot area can be adjusted independently of the instep area.  So, even though there is one less buckle, there is one additional area of the boot that can be adjusted when compared to a 2 piece overlap design.  
  • TruFit Sport liner is the softest fit in the Krypton 2 series.  Also, it is the roomiest of these liners. TruFit can be used out of the box, and will mold to your foot as you ski the first few days in it.  It can also be heated to speed this process up, but this is certainly not necessary.  This boot fits pretty well right out of the box
  • Upward Pivoting tongue easy entry design.  Because the tongue is a separate piece, it can swing up for easy entry into the boot.
  • Adjustable forward lean angle - Use the included forward lean shims to set the forward angle to one of three positions.  Unlike other boots with forward lean adjustment, the flex of the boot is not affected when the angle is increased or decreased on a Krypton.
  • Adjustable forward flex - Included Flex Bridges can be installed in the rear spine of the lower shell to adjust the forward flex to 5 different settings.  Dalbello's flex rating on this boot is 100 but it can be stiffened to 120 with the parts included in the box!  No other boot on the market comes close to that huge range of flex adjustment.   This is the softest boot available in the Krypton series, but at 100 flex, it is actually firmer than many other boots with higher flex numbers, and very springy besides.
  • Adjustable height spoiler to accommodate different length and sizes of legs.  Up, down, or remove it entirely to customize the upper shaft of the boot.
  • Billet aluminum micro adjustable buckles are super tough, very precise, and can be micro adjusted to provide exactly the necessary amount of tension in the 3 fit zones of this boot.
  • Dual canting adjustment (side to side angle) for maximum ability to get your boot adjusted flat to the snow.  Because the hinge points are lower on the shell, this cant adjustment offers a wider range than traditional two piece designs.  With 7 different lateral angle settings, even if you require 3 degrees of canting either in or out, this boot can work for you.
  • Contour 4 shell geometry is "pre-punched" (stretched) in 4 critical areas; the sixth toe (outside the little toe), the Navicular (just below and forward of the inside ankle bone), behind the heel, and at the ankle bone itself.
  • Balanced Stance Geometry is explained above.  But, it is worth noting again.  Today's skis work better with this boot/foot angle geometry designed into the boot.
    How does the Krypton 110 fit?  The overall shape of the boot fits lower to average volume feet.  The new shell is definitely roomier than the previous version, but only in key areas.  KR 2 is listed as a 98mm last, but it for sure has more room inside than many 98mm boots.  Width is narrower, the toe box is roomy and the heel pocket is nice and snug.  The instep is slightly lower than many overlap boots, and the upper cuff is tall (shorter if the spoiler is removed) and snug.  This may not be the best fit if you have wider feet, or very large calves.  The InstaFit Sport liner can be used right out of the box, with no customization needed (although it gets better and better as it molds to your foot over time).  It can also be heated to quicken the break in period, but THIS IS NOT THE TOTAL CUSTOM I.D. LINER ALSO OFFERED IN THIS BOOT MODEL.  InstaFit Sport is the softest, roomiest liner found in KR models, and offers the cushiest fit, and takes the least time to conform to the foot.


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