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2018 Dalbello Panterra 90 ski boots (CLEARANCE)


  • $ 277.00

2018 Dalbello Panterra 90

Panterra offers a combination of 3 piece shell design and AT capability that no other ski boots on the market offer!  Dalbello has well established itself as a top boot brand in the world by designing ski boots with 3 piece shell architecture that work really, really well with today's ski designs.  Dalbello has one of the most modern ski boot manufacturing facilities in the world, enabling them to deliver the best values in the market, and they are the only independent ski boot manufacturer left in the world.  Their passion is devoted ONLY to designing and building the world's best ski boots.  Panterra is the latest example of what this company, 100% focused on ski boots can bring to the market for skiers everywhere.

Now well proven, and even being copied now by other manufacturers, Panterra incorporates Contour 4 Shell Fit.  Dalbello has spent tremendous amounts of time (and money) studying feet all over the world.  This project was the result of a company commitment to design a lower boot shell with a very anatomical shape, enabling the plastic to be closer to the foot while still fitting as many feet as possible with all day comfort.  Panterra is the fourth completely new shell series from Dalbello (along with Krypton2, DR and Avanti) that all offer Contour 4 Shell design and performance.

Like other recent Dalbello ski boot designs, Panterra is designed from the ground up with Rocker Balanced Stance geometry to work perfectly with wider, rockered ski shapes.  Skiing on today's new skis is much more intuitive.  Skiers can simply work the ski from edge to edge without the need to be so focused on steering the front of the ski.  Just tip a rockered, big sidecut ski on edge, and you will find that it can make turns with little effort.  But, couple these skis with yesterday's boot, and lots of potential is left unused.  Today's skis are also shorter, much wider, and lighter weight.  So, the skier's feet and legs must be able to absorb what is going on under the ski, and power must be transmitted further out to its edge.  Dalbello has created ski boots with stance geometry that works in harmony with all the newest
ski designs.  Dalbello's RBS designed boots have slightly less forward lean (to allow a more natural, upright stance), have a lower heel height (to allow the legs to travel further forward as the boot flexes), and are stiffer from side to side (to transmit maximum power to the ski's edge).  Dalbello calls this Rocker Balanced Stance, but you will call it magic on the snow.  With this new stance geometry, skiing is just gets easier.  Fatigue is reduced by an amazing amount, and feel for the snow is remarkable.  It is finally possible to be relaxed while standing on a pair of skis.  Never before have ski boots been optimized so well to work with today's radically different (by historical standards) ski designs.

Another key feature of Panterra is an all new Ski-Hike mechanism that allows the boot's upper cuff to unlock for hiking or skinning, or just walking across the parking lot.  Conventional two piece design boots require a large slot to be cut in the back of the lower shell where the unlocking mechanism is inserted.  The result is that lateral stiffness is compromised.  However, Dalbello's 3 piece shell designs already incorporate a slot in the back of the lower shell, and they are incredibly stiff from side to side because of the mechanical flexing of the boot front to back.  So, Panterra offers no performance sacrifice because the side to side stiffness is not compromised by the need to cut/modify rear of the boot other designs require to allow travel when the upper cuff is unlocked from the lower shell.  The result is a powerful skiing, but walking friendly boot not offered by any other brand. 

The heart of the Panterra's design is Dalbello's well proven Cabriolet design.  Although 3 piece boots have many fit and performance advantages, there are three main features that are most obvious; (1) The forward flex and lateral stiffness are separated from each other, (2) the location of the innovative Dynalink buckle holds the foot down and back in the shell better than any other buckle system on the market, and (3) the lower cuff hinge points allow a very natural movement of the leg fore and aft, and superior side to side
(cant) angle adjustment to ensure the ski is riding flat on the snow.

Additionally, Panterra offers an innovative Variable Volume Fit lower shell that allows the user to personally adjust the fit volume inside the lower shell.  This Panterra 90 features the cushiest, roomier fitting Trufit Sport liner found in the Panterra family.  It offers a really nice fit right out of the box, and will mold well to your foot during the first few days of skiing.  Like all Tru Fit liners, it can also be heated to conform to the shape of your foot more quickly.

The Panterra 90 ski boot is a great value offering features and performance no other boot on the market can match, and at an amazing price.  It is the least expensive model in the Panterra group, and is targeted at intermediate to advanced level skiers.  But, don't be fooled by comparing flex numbers that are not any kind of reliable measure of how one boot really flexes compared to another.  This Panterra 90 is quite a good performance boot!  Here is a full list of the features found on the Panterra 90:

  • Three piece Cabriolet design.  Flexing of the boot is controlled by the resistance of the Kinetic Response tongue on the outside of the shell.  This is the third piece of the Cabriolet design.  As the boot flexes, the shell does not distort, and heel hold down does not change with the position of the upper cuff.  Flex is very progressive as the ribs of the tongue load up with energy, and ski rebound is increased because the spring like tongue stores energy.  The progressive flex is very smooth, allowing the skiers legs to absorb energy transmitted from the snow, and the skier feels lighter on the feet, able to make more, quicker turns with the Cabriolet design.
  • Contour 4 Shell Fit designed lower shell is more anatomically shaped.  Strategic areas of the foot have been given more room so the foot can be over all closer to the entire shell without sacrificing all day comfort.  These 4 areas are (1) ankle, back of the heel, outside the little toe, and navicular (just under the inside ankle).  Boot fitters have been stretching and punching out ski boots in these four areas since plastic ski boots were first invented.  Better fit, better performance with Contour 4 Shell Fit.
  • Power Cuff with very low hinge point The upper cuff is connected much lower to the shell, allowing more natural fore and aft movements of the leg.  Both hinge points are adjustable up and down to allow maximum adjustment of side to side (Cant) angle.  This means that almost any skier can be sure their skis are totally flat on the snow (even if very bow legged or knock kneed).
  • All new dbHylite polymer shell material - Dalbello has partnered with the Research Group of Polymeric Materials at a leading Italian university to create the perfect ski boot shell material.  dbHylite is a very lightweight plastic that provides superior anti-shock and vibration control characteristics.  Dalbello models made from this proprietary material are more stable, absorb shock and vibration better, and offer a higher level of responsiveness in a softer flexing material.
  • Dynalink center buckle is positioned perfectly to pull the outside tongue down over the instep area of the boot.  No other design is able to lock the foot down and back in the boot with so little buckle tension; this is bio-mechanical design at its best.  Fit around the upper leg and the foot area can be adjusted independently of the instep area.  So, even though there are the normal 4 buckles, the boot is divided into 3 distinct zones of fit, each of which can be adjusted without affecting the other zones.  
  • Balanced Rocker Stance - Discussed above, RBS offers the most modern stance geometry of any ski boot offered on the market.  Enjoy your day on the snow with less fatigue, better control, and better performance in a wide range of snow conditions.
  • Ski-Hike mechanism allows the upper cuff to be unlocked from the lower shell for easier walking, skinning and hiking.  A flip of the lever on the back of the boot allows the boot to hinge through a nice range of motion.  Loosening the top buckle and power strap allows for even easier walking over longer distances.  THIS IS THE ONLY SKI-HIKE MECHANISM ON THE MARKET that allows the lower shell to be left intact when the mechanism is installed.
  • Upward Pivoting tongue easy entry design.  Because the tongue is a separate piece, it can swing up for easy entry into the boot.
  • Adjustable forward flex - Turn the flex adjuster on the back of the cuff to select stiff or soft. This is the stiffest boot available in the Panterra series.
  • Variable Volume Fit adjustment to accommodate different shapes of feet.  Simply set the fourth buckle down on the boot tighter (for a closer fit) or looser.  It is micro adjustable, and once set can be left buckled as the boot is put on and taken off.
  • Billet aluminum micro adjustable buckles are super tough, very precise, and can be adjusted to provide exactly the necessary amount of tension in the 3 fit zones of this boot.
  • Dual canting adjustment (side to side angle) for maximum ability to get your boot adjusted flat to the snow.  Because the hinge points are lower on the shell, this cant adjustment offers a wider range than traditional two piece designs.  Even if you require 3 degrees of canting either in or out, this boot can work for you.
  • Trufit 2.0 Comp Liner is firm, for a snug and stable fit.  A firmer liner takes a little longer to break in, but it will offer a better fit for much longer than a soft, mushy liner.  New TF 2.0 liners have more layers of different materials in their construction.  2.0 offers great out of the box fit with long lasting performance.
  • Super wide power strap around the top of the boot.  A wider strap offers more support up high, keeping the leg and foot much closer as they move together.
How does the Panterra 90 fit?  The overall shape of the boot fits medium to slightly wider than an average volume foot.  Width is average, the toe box is roomy and the heel pocket is nice and snug.  The instep is slightly HIGHER than many overlap boots, and the upper cuff is a bit SHORTER (shorter yet if the spoiler is removed) and snug.  If you have wider feet, a higher instep, or larger calves, this will be a great choice for you.  If you want a little stiffer flex, along with a firmer fit out of the box, check out the Panterra 100 or 120 instead.

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