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Nordica Hell and Back H1


  • $ 357.00

2014 Nordica Hell and Back H1

Legendary Nordica fit in a whole new package!  Brand new from the ground up, the new Hell and Back series offers Nordica comfort and performance in a model that is designed to take you anywhere on the mountain.  Very lightweight, and super weather resistant, the H1 is perhaps the warmest, most comfortable, and best skiing Nordica ever.  Tons of power, very precise, but with just a bit more room in all the critical places to make it All Day Comfortable.  This top model in the H&B family is packed with all the features you would expect from Nordica.  Check out the features of the new Hell and Back H1:

  • 45° INSTEP RETENTION offers a more secure hold down in the lower shell
  • WATERPROOF OVERLAP CLOSING SYSTEM means this boot absolutely will keep you warm and dry
  • DUAL-DENSITY FULL SHOCK ERASER absorbs vibration underfoot for a smoother ride, and less fatigue
  • OPTIONAL CANTABLE SOLES allow you to adjust the boot totally flat on the snow
  • NEW ALL MOUNTAIN PERFORMANCE LINER is the firmest in the H&B group.  Even incldues inserts to snug it up after it molds to your foot
  • GEL DRIVER TONGUE offers superior shock absorbing qualities, and an awesome fit around the leg
  • HIGH TRACTION SOLE keeps you upright when hiking to that secret stash, or walking through the ice coated parking lot
  • SCREWED BUCKLES and strap make this boot very easy to customize.  Upper cuff can be taken completely off the boot, and every buckle is screwed on without rivets
  • LAST 100 MM, with extra toe box length (5mm) in every shell size
  • Flex index 120
How does the Hell and Back H1 fit?  Nordica calls this boot a 100mm last, so it fits similar to HotRod and Speedmachine of the past.  But we know from in store experience that H&B feels roomier than past Nordica models.  It holds the foot like other 100 mm boots, but there is definitely more toe room in length and also up and down.  The liner is nice and firm, but still with that great Nordica out of the box fit, and lined with fleece so it hugs the foot very nicely.  Gel Driver tongue conforms to the shape of the shin, and absorbs energy to eliminate shin bang totally.


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